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Wood Flooring

Wood floors bring a bit of warmth and nature to a space, and they will never go out of style.

You may think there aren’t many options when it comes to wood floors, but you will still want to speak with our experts to make sure you are getting the right flooring for your space. We will make sure that the wood choice is suitable for our subflooring and style. The type wood floor options will also depend on how the floor space is being used, and we can help guide you through that to.

We carry New Zealand’s leading wood floor brands, Jacobsen’s Woodworks, and DFD Wood Floors. Whether you want glossy wood floors to dance on, or new flooring to replace the creaky old one, we have got the right flooring for you! Come in and see us in our beautiful showroom.

Wood floors never go out of style and timber brings unique warmth and a sense of nature to space. If you are thinking about upgrading your wood flooring into something more stylish, Midway Carpets can help you select the perfect wooden tiles to go with the rest of your space. Our experts are knowledgeable in the best flooring materials to choose, depending on how your wood floor space is used. We will guide you through all your wood options so your home will have some of the best timber floorings in Auckland.

We carry the country's leading wood floor brands, including Jacobsen's Woodworks and DFD Wood Floors. Whether you need new wooden flooring to replace a creaky spread or a glossy wood ballroom floor to impress, Midway Carpets has you covered.

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