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Carpets Flooring Auckland

Get the most out of your carpet by getting the right advice before you buy.

There is more to choosing carpet than just colour choice. How long do you want your carpet to last? Is the carpet in an area prone to dampness? Do you have pets? Is the carpet going in a high traffic area? These are just a few factors that will impact choosing the carpet that’s right for you. Don’t worry, at Midway Flooring we will help guide you through so that you find the best carpet for your home and your families’ unique needs.

You have got to see (and feel) our selection to believe it. We have the stock to meet your residential or commercial needs. We carry great brands like Godfrey Hirst, Norman Ellison, Jacobsens, Irvines and Feltex Carpets to name a few.

Talk to our team today to find the carpet that’s right for you!

Your choice of carpets can make or break the look and feel of your home. Carpets are great additions to room floors. A good carpet installation can help protect certain areas of hardwood flooring from damages caused by furniture. A wall-to-wall carpet installation is also a good choice for certain rooms. Just the same, there is more to carpet choices than just colours, patterns, and materials. Ask—how long do I want my carpet to last? Is the carpet area prone to dampness? Do I have pets? Can I handle carpet maintenance in high-traffic areas? These are only a few factors you will need to consider when shopping for new carpets.

Here at Midway Carpets, we will guide you through every step of your carpet-selection process. We are the best go-to place in North Shore, Auckland, and the rest of NZ for carpet and flooring products, offering an extensive collection of carpet designs from popular carpet brands.  Talk to us to find the best carpet for your home today.

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